Friday, February 15, 2013

Get Free Access to SAP IDES ERP 6.0 System

Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System: IDES ERP 6.0

Dear SAPiens and Aspirant SAPiens, 

A very good news for all of you!!
Consolut International AG, Switzerland provides FREE-OF-CHARGE access to IDES ERP 6.0. The system allows consultants, project managers and users to familiarise and practice the SAP system or to develop in-depth knowledge, without installing any software, simply via web interface.

How to access the IDES system:

1. Request for an username and password

2. Download

SAP GUI for Windows
SAPGUI 7.30 Complete Installation package   - Compilation 1
(ZIP archive: 840MB) News Patch (patch level 2, Hotfix 1) for SAPGUI 7.30 (self-extracting archive: 110MB)

The installation package is no longer provided.
Please install version 7.30.
Latest Patch   (patch level 14) for SAPGUI 7.20
(self-extracting archive: 144MB)
SAP support for version 7.20 will end on 9 April 2013.

SAPGUI for Java (Linux, Mac OSX)
Installation package, including documentation

Use the consolut SAP IDES System with your own SAPGUI 
    Application Server: i62external
    SAProuter-String: /H/
    System-ID: I62
    System Number: 09

SAP Online Help PDFs

The various chapters of the SAP IDES Online PDFs provide a better understanding of IDES customizing. Potential clients can use these files to obtain an overview of a large number of international business proceses.

The SAP Online Help PDFs give a detailed explanation of the structure of the SAP ERP system and the way it can be adapted to customers' wishes. These PDFs with the complete SAP online help system (unfortunately only available in version 4.6C) can be printed chapter by chapter as the need arises.
Source: Consolut International AG, Switzerland