Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Become a SAP System Analyst


  1. Train to Become a SAP Analyst

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      Begin the appropriate education to become a SAP system analyst. A bachelor's degree in computer systems, industrial engineering or business management is desired by the companies who hire SAP specialists. In addition to majoring in computer science, you should choose a variety of elective courses, such as finance and database maintenance, to give you a well-rounded education.
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      Brush up on SAP computer software. It's utilized in different industries for system applications and data processing methods. By exploring the areas of this program you like best, you can better focus your job search after college.
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      Manage your choices wisely during college to prepare for a career as a SAP analyst. In addition to taking classes like SAP XI and NetWeaver, learn about business administration and sales and marketing. While working in the corporate structure, an analyst tends to overlap with many different departments.

      SAP (Systems Applications and Products) is a business-based software that runs on a platform called NetWeaver. SAP functions with business applications and data systems used by many kinds of companies worldwide and employ thousands of system analysts. (picture & text courtesy:

    Find Employment as a SAP System Analyst

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      Apply for a position as a SAP system analyst. A larger organization can offer you the most opportunities for growth and job diversity. Some companies design and configure SAP modules in-house or hire consultants or information systems agencies to take on the analyst role.
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      Get a professional certification to add to your credentials. In addition to your bachelor's degree, obtain a master-certification in SAP systems to give you an added boost in getting a job. You can apply for certification at the official SAP website (see Resources below).
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      Continue your education. For further advancement in this field, a postgraduate degree can serve you well. Additionally, you need to possess either a master's degree or 10 years of solid experience in information technology in order to attain certain positions in this field.

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